Extracurricular activities for every Baltimore City child.

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The Urban Children Foundation is dedicated to ensuring every Baltimore City child can access, participate and experience an extracurricular activity. The Urban Children Foundation was established in January 2009 by Robin Truiett-Theodorson in honor of her late husband Mark Theodorson. Inspired by Mark's commitment to improving urban communities and his passion for the arts, the Foundation seeks to help and improve the lives of children.

Watch the video below to view ABC2 Baltimore's July 13, 2018 news feature on us!

Join us on Thursday, September 26th, at Gertrude's Restaurant (10 Art Museum Drive, Baltimore, MD 21218) for dinner. Reservations can be made between 5PM and 8:45PM and 20% of the proceeds will go to The Urban Children Foundation so we can continue to help organizations that help children in Baltimore City be the best they can be in their extracurricular activities. Call Gertrude's on 410.889.3399 and make your reservation to support us today!